Acid League Smoked Malt Living Vinegar


Real malt. Real flavor. While others pump caramel color into white vinegar, we start with a carefully selected blend of smoked and roasted malts for a subtly smoky vinegar with natural sweetness and rich texture.

Living Vinegar is literally alive, with living vinegar mother in every bottle. Raw and unfiltered, prebiotic, functional, and full of complex flavor. We were tired of only finding apple cider vinegar with these benefits, so we created Living Vinegar with a healthy dose of flavor. Vinegar that brings new life to your kitchen.

Earthy, Spicy, Smoky

Brioche, Brown Butter, Toast, Pecans, Campfire

Beer-Battered Fish & Chips, Slow Cooked Stews, Dal, Marinades, Anything Fried, Rainy Afternoons at the Pub, Craft Beer Festivals

Contains gluten.