Merit Brewing Then - Cab Franc Skin Saison




Our goal with this beer was to represent the beginning and end of harvest. Last year we took hundreds of pounds of Rosewood Crab Franc skins, sealed them, and stored them frozen so we could use them in the future. This past April, we went to the same vineyard the Cab Franc grapes came from, and trimmed the canes on the vines, making the way for new growth to start. We then took those canes, dried them, and use them to toast & smoke a small portion of the grain we used in this beer. We then brewed a classic Saison base that was then aged on the Crab Franc skins. Our goal was to create a flavour profile similar to those found in piquettes, a style we’ve loved seeing the resurgence in. ‘Then’ displays bright spring raspberry, funky cranberry & strawberry fruitiness alongside subtle tartness. As it warm, plum emerges and wisps of leather and smoke emerge delicately. Then’ finishes very dry with bright and high carbonation.